Skilled Tree Service in Leominster, MA

Few people think about a Leominster, MA, arborist until a fallen tree or large limb causes damage on a piece of property. After a storm or a heavy snow that damages trees, many people walk through Leominster, MA, neighborhoods offering on-the-spot tree removal. When you wait until an emergency develops to establish a relationship with an arborist service, you may find yourself at the mercy of someone unqualified or dishonest. Let Affordable Landscaping and Tree Service start servicing your trees today. When trouble strikes, you'll know what number to call.

Our company services home and commercial properties in Lancaster, Leominster, Princeton, and Westminster. We will work with you to address overgrowth, pests, or diseases that could be affecting your trees. Also, we will remove trees that are too close to your home. Our business offers a number of tree care services, including:

  • Tree care
  •  Pruning
  •  Tree and stump removal
  • Stump grinding

If you have limbs dangling over your home or branches brushing against nearby power lines, you need a Leominster, MA, arborist to assess and eliminate the problem. We take steps that will ensure both the safety and beauty of your Leominster, MA, yard. Well maintained trees even increase your home's energy efficiency by delivering shade in the summer. Contact Affordable Landscaping and Tree Service today to have someone tend to your trees.